The Post-Bacchus Bacchanalia

While we were gone, Ofeelya had clearly been cheating on Craemer, but she did manage to make Spongebob Squarepants a very happy man…er sponge. Photo by J-R.

On the way back from Bacchus, we passed New York Pizza, and Lindsay and Kevin ordered a bunch of pies for the house. As a general rule of thumb, I avoid any pizza that needs to inform to eater that it is either Italian or from New York. However, as an even more general rule of thumb, I will eat anything when I am hungry, and under the circumstances, New York Pizza sounded fine to me. Surprisingly, it was not bad. I mean, the crust was lousy (thin but kind of like cardboard), but everything on top was exactly what the old stomach craved.

Lindsay and Kevin deliver sustenance. God bless them both.

Photo by J-R.

We also had bacon-wrapped water chestnuts and bacon-wrapped deep-fried oysters, so my difficult morning quest for bacon at Winn Dixie was not in vain. Photo by J-R.

Behold, Fryer Tuck. Photo by J-R.

Photo by Teddy.

Alex O.D.s on beads and goes into shock. Photo by Carm.

The bachelor straps in and gets ready to cause some serious damage.

Photo by Carm.

We killed the keg and then got a ride up to Tipitina’s, where we faced the difficult task of finding two cabs that would take us near the French Quarter. Eventually, we found cabs that would take us to Howlin’ Wolf, where George Porter was going to play a free show. We went in and got stamped, but because nothing was happening, we decided to move on to One-Eyed Jack’s to see an all-star combo, the Souls of NOLA Mardi Gras Soiree, featuring Papa Mali, Anders Osborne, Kevin O’Day, Robert Mercurio, Rich Vogel, and Monk Boudreaux.

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